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We are Fundraising!

Help us build a future.

Sunrise Bethel Christian School is a Bible-based primary school with a vision to teach children, train teachers and build communities, all with the purpose of changing the nation through Christian education. Sunrise Bethel has a strong focus on academic excellence and has had great success in this area since its inception.

Although, many of the things that we take for granted here in Australia and are vital to providing a high quality education, are not easily accessible in PNG. Along with this, High Schools in PNG are overwhelmed with students. Meaning that despite having some of the highest academic results in the region, many of the Sunrise Bethel graduates are not given the opportunity they deserve to enter Grade 9.

This is why we are sending Sunrise Bethel a shipping container full of many of the items they require to support teachers and students in their educational endeavours. This includes everything from sporting and music equipment, stationery items and plumbing supplies, to mattresses and fridges for teacher accommodation. Although more than this, we are fundraising with the vision of expanding Sunrise Bethel into a High School and providing the pathway into secondary schooling that our students deserve.

If you would like to donate then please follow the link below.

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